Midlife Coaching

Welcome! Its great to know that you would be soon signing up for a powerful conversation with me as your coach.

This is a wonderful learning and self introspection opportunity.

Congratulations! You are on right track.

Go ahead and select one of the three options below.

Life Strategy

Are you looking to better your life?
Do you want to find your way through the mess of life?
Are you just frustrated with the pain and anger you are going through?

Then live life the way it is to be lived. Be happy and learn key strategies on how you can become the magnet for goodness in life.

(1 hour)
INR 1,000.00

Career Strategy

Are you unhappy in your career?
Do you want to move up the ladder?
Are you frustrated with your boss or the work you do?

Then this conversation will help you identify your blocks and move to the next level.

(1 hour)
INR 1,000.00

Relationship Challenges

Are you looking for that long lasting relationship?
Are you frustrated with how life is being unfolded for you?
Do you want to get rid of negative relationships?

Then get clarity over confusing relationships, attract the right partner and be happy

(1 hour)
INR 1,000.00